About Gaëlle

close-up hvor mit ansigt er zoomet ind og er fredfyldt i udtrykket


Born in 1991 Kigali, Rwanda up until age 7, Gaëlle fled from her country’s war and genocide to Denmark with her mom and siblings. She’s been living here ever since and is now happily married to her energizerbunny of an MG husband, and together they have their precious little Projector son.

Gaëlle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese philosophy, language & culture from Copenhagen University. Under her BA she studied & lived in Beijing, China and learned about the I’Ching and Daoism – which surprisingly proved to be a valuable foundation for her future passion in Human Design. Other than that she holds a Master’s degree in Communication & Interaction Design from the IT University of Copenhagen.

When she’s not guiding, Gaëlle is enrolled in studies to become an integrative somatic Psychotherapist so that de-conditioning can play an active rather than a passive role. She’s on her 4th year out of 4.


Activities that feel like play for her are dancing, reading non-fiction, walks in nature, listening to meaningful podcasts, travelling to warm destinations and quality time with close ones.

As the typology-nerd that she is, Gaëlle is in a continuous love affair with systems that map out the human experience – those that make you feel like you’re being seen & known from the inside! Human Design is of course her absolute favourite, but she also find the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs to be valuable.

Her own chart is a split-definition 6/2 emotional Projector. Enneagram-Type 5 wing 4. INFJ-T. Aquarius in her conscious sun and moon, rising sign Taurus. Scorpio as her unconscious sun-sign.


Gaëlle has completed the Living Your Design Course from IHDS and has taken courses from the Projector Movement. As an autodidact (2nd line) Gaëlle is also very much involved in self-studies. She’s been deconditioning for 4 years.

jeg vender mod siden, et profilbillede i naturen

“In a society that encourages us to toughen upmy sensitivity has proven to be my greatest strength”

– Gaëlle