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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”



Intuitive Human Design Guidance

An intuitive Human Design session guides you through the art of effortless living for your specific situation. Do you sometimes feel lost in life? Do you long for another way of living with greater ease and higher purpose? I offer intuitive guidance that supports you in applying the practical tools for living in alignment with the energetics of your unique soul. I use your Human Design chart to decode the intelligent blueprint of your inner universe.

An intuitive Human Design session will provide you with following insights:

  • Your strategy for living a life in flow and thereby increase your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Your specific intuition/guiding star and how to apply it for optimal decision-making  
  • Your innate gifts and talents. In other words, what you potentially came here to share with the world
  • The vulnerabilities that prevent you from living in fulfillment  
  • Your interaction style and how you impact others  
  • Healthy routines for your specific design
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Thank you for entering my Human Design universe. Here, you will get a taste of what you can expect by choosing me as your guide on your self-discovery journey.

My name is Gaëlle, I’m a 6/2 emotional Projector, LAX of Revolution. My role is to support you in achieving deep insight into your true nature, by offering a synthesis of what your soul came here to be, what your soul came here to do and how to go about fulfilling that mission.

When you live in integrity with your authentic self, you are on the path of least resistance, where you are in tune with your genuine feeling of YES and true sense of NO. From here you get to unlock the gateway to freedom, compassion and unconditional self-love.

I show you how to:
  • Re-connect with your inner landscape consisting of emotions, thoughts, sensations and awareness
  • Gain clarity in the midst of uncertainty by following your built-in compass
  • Explore who you are born to be, so you can let go of who you think you should be
  • Start the process of deconditioning by shedding all the mental layers that no longer serve you
  • Cooperate with your bodily intelligence to navigate a life in flow
  • Realize and actualize your highest potential
  • Contribute to the world through your life purpose in an utterly unique way

Once we wake up to the truth about reality, life becomes a classroom for our false self, and a playground for our true Self

Kvinde ser dig dybt i øjnene med et ønske om at se dig udleve dit fulde potentiale

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