Human Design

Human Design is the ultimative life hack to higher self love,
compassion and fulfilment in life

Human Design is a synthesis of 4 ancient wisdom traditions (Astrology, I’ching, Kabbalah Tree of Life & the Chakra system)

and 4 modern sciences (Genetics, Quantum physics, Biochemistry and Astronomy).

The effects of living according to our Human Design:

    • We are shown our not-self (false/conditioned selves) and redirected to our True Self (authentic nature)
    • As we are given the permission to be ourselves we start having compassion for others to be themselves too
    • Our decision-making process is outlined for us so we can make choices that are aligned with our true self
    • We start moving in harmony with the flow of life and resistance is radically minimized
    • The right people, right places, and right opportunities get to land in our lap
    • Deeper connection with the body & in tune with our correct frequency
    • True liberation from homogenised social conditioning by living out the unique

human being we were born to be

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Remember that your birth time has to be as accurate as possible

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Cancellation policy

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