Dec 9, 2022 | Gaëlle

True Manifestation

True manifestation is really more about receiving than creating. 

Manifestation is not about getting what we want. 

Manifestation is about getting what Source wants for us. 

Source is the same as our Highest Self.

Here, when I say “not getting what we want” I mean the ego. The not-self. 

So why is true Manifestation more about receiving that creating? Because most of what we humans create is produced out of the not-self state. The egoic state. 

The ego is always motivated by 2 forces: One is to fulfill its sense of lack through desire. The other is to protect itself through resistance. 

Thus, when manifesting through the desire and resistance of the not-self, we are sooner or later bound to become dissatisfied with the fruits of our manifestations. 

Take a close look in your life. Have you ever wanted something so bad that it occupied most of your waking hours? The thing could also be a situation or a person. Have you then tried to actually get what you wanted? Ask yourself if the thing brought you the promised joy, success and satisfaction. That joy was likely short-lived, until it wasn’t satisfactory any longer. 

To attain sustainable joy, peace, success and satisfaction we must surrender to the wishes of our Highest Self. We do that by letting go of what we thought we wanted. We set aside our personal desires and carve out space to receive what Source wants us to receive. To create what Source wants us to create.

There’s nothing wrong with having desires as it is a very human trait. The question we need to ask, is whether this desire is occurring from our small self (sense of lack) or our big Self (sense of fulfillment).

When we are in a fulfilled state, we’re open for the right opportunities, offerings and invitations to land in our lap – without grasping. We’re not focused on a certain outcome. Having intentions with our manifestation might even block those opportunities, because there’s a slight tension in intention. Intention is still focused on one direction. There’s a form of expectation in intention. Instead, what benefits us more is to ask Source what it wants for us. 

Then we pause, breathe, calm the mind and rest in the heart to actually hear those answers from within. This is where meditation comes in. 

Source communicates with us through a quiet inner voice/intuition/heart resonance/gut feeling. In Human Design-terms that’s called Authority.

We then allow our next steps to be guided by that communication. 

This is where creation comes in. Taking small actions that are aligned with our Highest Self. 

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photo credit: Jay

Questions to ask Source/our Highest Self:

What would You have me do?

Where would You have me go?

What would You have me say, and to whom?